What do you do if you're hit by semi-truck

semi-trucks on the side of the road

Semi-trucks cause a great deal of damage in the event of an accident. Semi-truck crashes can happen anywhere on the road whether it's in San Luis Obispo or San Francisco. Types of damage you may experience include vehicle damage and physical injuries to your body.

The physical injuries you experience from a semi-truck can lead to lost wages, high medical bills, and pain & suffering. It's not unusual for people who have been hit by a semi-truck to not be able to work due to injuries. It's also not unusual for semi-truck accident victims to struggle with the medical bills that come from treating injuries received.

This Huntsman Injury Law blog post explains what to do if you're hit by a semi-truck.

Don't leave the scene

Pull over to the shoulder of the road and turn on your emergency blinkers in a collision. Turning on your emergency blinkers will help other drivers be aware of you. It's important that you don't leave the scene of the accident.

Call the police

When you notify the police, they'll create a report of the incident. A police officer will collect the information about the parties involved in the accident. The officer on site will also record the statements, applicable insurance information, and semi-truck owner information. You may need a police report to file a claim with your insurance company so be sure to ask the police officer for a report number.

Take pictures of the scene

It'll help to take your own photos of the scene including your car and the semi-truck that hit you. Take pictures of any damage to both vehicles and also the area of the accident. Visible damages to your car and the semi-truck such as scratches and dents are necessary photos as well. Take pictures of the license plate of the semi-truck that hit you. You should also photograph with visible injuries like bruising on your body. These pictures can be taken with your smartphone.

Get medical help

If you've received severe injuries, the police at the scene may call for an ambulance to take you to an emergency room. Even if you are not severely injured, it's important that you still seek medical attention. Not all injuries received in a car crash have symptoms right after the event. Some injuries like brain trauma and whiplash may not display symptoms immediately after an accident. These symptoms may not occur for days or even weeks after your accident with a semi-truck.

Always be detailed in the information you share with medical professionals so they can treat you as effectively as possible. It's your right to heal fully and properly so don't be afraid to receive medical treatment.

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