How to Begin Your Accident Compensation Case


After being injured in an accident that was caused by the carelessness or negligence of somebody else, you're eligible to seek compensation for your damages. That process starts at the scene of the accident. That's where you'll want to have your physical condition evaluated and stabilized by paramedics. From there, the paramedics can transport you to an emergency room for diagnostic tests and treatment. Those two steps will start a potentially long recovery for the injuries you have suffered.  You will want a strong and caring Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to oppose the insurance company who will try to do for you as little as possible.

The next step in the process is critical, because you shouldn't even think of starting out a personal injury claim on your own. Contact California based Huntsman Injury Law right away.  Without a great attorney at your side, you're likely to make mistakes that will devalue your claim. Do not give a statement or medical authorization to the opposing insurer without talking to your own attorney.The insurance company is not there to help you!  The insurance claim’s handler is there to get you to settle for as little as possible.

California law doesn't require you to cooperate with the insurer of the person who turned your life upside down.  Arrange to consult with the an attorney at Huntsman Injury Law as soon as possible after your accident. An experienced and effective attorney from our law firm will help you protect the maximum value of your claim.

Contact our offices at 888-728-8112 to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. We promise to listen to you carefully and answer your questions, too. Then, we can talk about California personal injury law, how it applies to your case and your legal options. Don't help the opposing insurance company build its defense against you. Contact us first.


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