Does Utah now allow non-attorneys to handle personal injury claims.

Recently, the Utah Supreme Court issued Standing Order 15, which established a pilot legal regulatory sandbox and an Office of Legal Services Innovation to assist the Utah Supreme Court with respect to overseeing and regulating the practice of law by nontraditional legal service providers or by traditional providers offering nontraditional legal services. With the Order, the Court changed several rules related to the practice of law.

Many people read the initial rule changes and interpreted the changes as allowing non-attorneys to handle legal matters that were traditionally only handled by attorneys. The Court quickly recognized its error and modified the changes to close any perceived loopholes the rules may have created for non-attorneys to practice law outside of the sandbox.

Non-attorneys have been invited to bring non-traditional ideas into the regulatory sandbox to provide legal services to the underserved people in the state. The purpose of the sandbox is to encourage development of non-traditional legal services by anyone who has good ideas whether or not they are attorneys.

What do the new rules mean for non-attorneys?

The new rules do not permit non-attorneys to freely open law practices and compete with attorneys for cases and clients. Non-attorneys who want to open an office must do so in the sandbox created by the court, and operate under the watchful eye and approval of the court.

This pilot program will be monitored by the Court and reassessed periodically to determine whether it is of benefit to the people of Utah.

Many states are considering similar programs in hopes of improving access to justice for the poor and underprivileged. Most attorneys are opposed to changes that make wholesale changes to the practice of law, or that allow big tech to take over the practice of law. 

What's your best option for legal representation?  

As for now, a licensed personal injury attorney is still your best bet in getting a great result for your personal injury claim. Non-attorneys are not lawfully permitted to open claims handling offices or law offices outside of the sandbox.

An experienced personal injury attorney will represent you and navigate your claim. The attorney may help with every aspect of the claim, from finding the right medical professionals, through recovery, to dealing with other parties in court. A good personal injury attorney is familiar with the physical, mental, and emotional injuries that occur. The time for recovery can be painful and long, but you’ll have an expert on your team who will manage the legal aspects of your claim, and help you get the right medical care.

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