What qualifies as a wrongful death claim?

Anytime a human being dies as a result of someone's misconduct, deliberate actions, or negligence, the victim's family should consider whether they should sue for wrongful death. Families struck by such tragedy suffer lost human relationship as a result of wrongful death, and may receive just compensation.

What qualifies as a wrongful death claim? This post discusses the possible causes of wrongful death and what to do if your loved one was struck by tragedy.

Some of the causes of death that qualify as wrongful death

There many different situations that lead to a person's death which can qualify for a wrongful death claim. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Dangerous roadway: A roadway can be dangerous for different reasons for drivers and pedestrians alike. Roadways can be dangerous when they lack features like warning signs.

  • Defective vehicle: When someone dies because of the design of a vehicle or part malfunction, this can qualify as wrongful death.

  • Medical malpractice: This category is for people who die as a result of mistakes that happen in surgery, having the wrong medicine prescribed, and other medical mishaps.

  • A car accident caused by another driver: Motor vehicle deaths caused by another person's reckless driving or driving while intoxicated can qualify as wrongful death.

  • Death during a supervised activity: Did the death occur with experts/supervisors in charge of the event? Situations that fit this category include deaths that happen during a church outing or band camp.

What happens if you lost a loved one?

If you lost a loved one in California that you suspect died in a wrongful death situation, consider calling Huntsman Injury Law. Huntsman Injury Law represents the surviving family members of those struck by tragedy. The death of a loved one causes a great deal of loss and suffering. This loss and suffering can be magnified by the fact that your loved one died because of someone else's actions.

When your loved one passes away as a result of wrongful death, you shouldn't be left to find closure alone. Choosing to work with a personal injury attorney helps you in multiple ways:

  • An expert advocate who will fight for your best interests

  • Someone who understands the laws of the land

  • A resource who will provide reliable advice

  • Professional who will go to trial for you

Sometimes the loss includes income and support, but the greater loss is always the lost human relationship for survivors. You deserve to receive closure but you don't need to do it on your own.

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Roy Huntsman of Huntsman Injury Law can be contacted at (888) 728-8112 for a free consultation with no obligation regarding your wrongful death claim. You can also connect with Roy Huntsman by sending an email to roy@huntsmanlaw.com. Even if you already have an attorney, you're welcome to contact Huntsman Injury Law to get another opinion.

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