What do you do when you're in a slip and fall?

Man clutching his back

Slip and falls happen. In fact, over 10 million people a year are injured in a slip and fall according to the Mayo Clinic. This unfortunate situation can happen anywhere from the malls to restaurants to schools.

They're no fun and can lead to injuries that will prevent you from living your best life regardless of age. Injuries you may receive include broken bones, bruises, and sprained wrists. The severity of injuries often increases with age since older people don't have the best bone health. Whether you're young or old, here are a few steps you should take if you experience a slip and fall.

Take your time getting up

Immediately after a slip and fall, take a deep breath. Don't rush to get back to your feet. After you've taken a deep breath, ask for help to get up. Assistance in getting off the floor or ground will reduce the chances of you falling again.

Talk to the manager

Be sure to report your slip and fall to a manager of the business it happened at. Documenting the event with someone in charge will be in your best interest. Places of business will want to know about any incidents that occur on their property.

Document with photos

Taking pictures of the scene of the slip and fall will be useful for your own records. They'll also be of value for your personal injury attorney. Photos can be taken with a smartphone or any other camera you may have on hand.

It's also in your best interest to take photos of any visible injuries you may have like bruises.

Get medical attention

Although you may not immediately be in pain, talk to a medical professional. Some injury symptoms may not be present until the next day or even the next week.

Falls can be dangerous. Roughly 20% of all falls result in serious injuries like a head injury or broken bones according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hospitalization happens for more than 800,000 people who are in a slip and fall due to the severity of the injuries received. Older adults who are in a slip and fall can end up in a nursing home in order to recover properly.

It's always best to get medical attention as soon as possible so your injuries are documented by a medical professional. You will also be able to be treated properly for any injuries you may have received.

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