7 of the most dangerous roads in California


Despite sunny weather and beautiful scenery, California has its share of trouble on its roads. The Golden State's cities aren't immune to motor vehicle accidents. These accidents on California roads can also be deadly.

In just Los Angeles alone, there were 794 fatal crashes in 2016. Riverside experienced 262 fatal crashes with San Bernadino not far behind with 256 deadly accidents in 2016. There were more than 40 fatal collisions in 2016 in the city of San Jose.

Here are 7 of the most dangerous roads in California:

  1. Highway 99: If you haven't already heard of Highway 99, you now have. Highway 99 is 424.8 miles long and actually starts at the U.S./Canada border in Blaine, WA and ends in Calexico, CA at the U.S./Mexico border. This highway averages 0.62 fatal crashes per mile which may be due to the lack of lighting and occasional narrow lanes.

  2. U.S. Route 199/Redwood Highway No.25: Although it's scenic, U.S. Route 199 averages about 0.58 deaths per mile. Its 80-mile stretch connects a part of northern California to Oregon. The geographic location of this road means drivers can experience slick conditions during winter time.

  3. I-5: Considered one of the deadliest roads in California, the I-5 averages 43.9 deaths per 100 miles. The I-5 connects some of the major cities in the Golden State such as Los Angeles, Stockton, Sacramento, and San Diego so it's a busy highway. It's not uncommon for pileup crashes to happen on the I-5.

  4. Interstate 880: Running from Oakland to San Jose, the I-880 runs along the Bay Area opposite of cities like San Francisco and Palo Alto. There are many different reasons for the crashes on the I-880. Some of these reasons include wet weather conditions, intoxicated drivers, and people driving in the wrong direction.

  5. 405 Freeway: Bumper to bumper traffic isn't unusual and will only get worse during the holidays on the 405. Fatal crashes along with other accidents that lead to injuries occur every year on this Los Angeles freeway. Accidents such as bus crashes and car flips happen on the 405 Freeway.

  6. Interstate 10: One of the longest roads to run through California, the I-10 spans from Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville, FLA. It's 2,460 miles of total road but the most dangerous stretch is from California to Phoenix. Big rig crashes aren't uncommon on the I-10.

  7. I-40: Although this highway runs from California to North Carolina, some of its most dangerous stretches are in California. Overall, the highway averages 0.43 fatal crashes per mile.

If you find yourself in an accident on any roads in California, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Stop and turn on your emergency blinkers

  • Call the police

  • Document with photos

  • Get medical attention

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